Pulley Demonstration

Pulley Demonstration
Item# PH-6554

Product Description

Now you can perform several pulley demonstrations for your students. It can also be used as a very attractive classroom display. Unit consists of an 8 x 32 hardwood base with two 80 cm nickeled steel rods fixed to flush plates at ends. Rods joined by metal crossbar with hook collars on which pulleys are hung. The pulley demonstration comes with instructions, suggested experiments, and demonstrations.

Set includes: 3 single pulleys, 2 double pulleys, 1 triple pulley, 1 quadruple pulley, 1 double tandem pulley, 1 triple tandem pulley, 1 wheel and axle, 1 capstan, "J" clamp w/thumb screw, 100 ft. of pulley cord, and 9 hooked masses (10 to 500 grams).