Low Voltage Power Supply With 220V

Low Voltage Power Supply With 220V
Item# PH-2111

Product Description

An Economical, permanent, and convenient source of power, which provides smooth, continuous DC, output voltage and a fixed AC voltage. This power supply is easy to use for most low-voltage laboratory experiments. The transistor-controlled supply provides a very useful range of voltage and currents. It may be used to run small DC motors such as those supplied with RH-2401 Ripple Tank, Wave Generators, Recording Timers, Air Core Solenoid (limited range), Current Balance Kit (limited range), and Tangent Galvanometer. The AC voltage will operate the 1201 High Power Light Source or other instruments needing low voltage AC.


  • Input: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz safety 3-wire grounded cord and plug
  • Output: 0-12 amp (max. continuous) 0-6 volts 12 VAC 2 amps fixed